North East Aegean islands


In the northern Aegean you will find islands small and large that are an ideal destination for alternative or family vacations by the sea.

Each of them has its own special physiognomy combining mountain and sea, tradition and cosmopolitanism, fun and relaxation.

If you are ready to be fascinated by this uncharted side of the Aegean then pack your bags and start for an unforgettable trip!

The jewels of the northern Aegean are Lemnos with its countless sandy beaches and the well-preserved castle of Myrina.

Samos, the island of Pythagoras, with Vathi, one of the most beautiful traditional settlements of the Aegean.

Thassos with its picturesque villages.

Chios, the island of mastic with its stone settlements.

Lesvos with its fossil forest and Ikaria the island of festivals, alternative tourism and slow life.

In all the islands you will find beautiful golden beaches, beaches with white or black pebbles and emerald waters.

Mavra Volia in Chios, Paradise in Thassos, the famous Seychelles of Greece in Ikaria and the more than 100 sandy beaches of Lemnos will enchant you.

Next to the big islands of the North Aegean you will find smaller islands, paradises of alternative tourism with wonderful coasts and authentic unchanging beauty.

Take day trips to Agios Efstratios, Oinousses and the historic Psara to enjoy the peace that these small islands offer with the few inhabitants.

And if all this did not convince you then we must tell you the following.

In the islands of the North Aegean your glass will be filled with the best Samian wine, which has its roots in antiquity, the famous ouzo of Lesvos and the mastic of Chios from the rare mastic trees that grow only on this island!

Definitely one of the Northern Aegean islands will magnetize you and invite you to return!

Each island in the Northeastern Aegean has its own unique and special characteristics created by the history, culture, fertile land and folk tradition of each place.

By boat or plane as most islands have an airport.

Get ready for endless hours of hiking on the island trails where you will discover landscapes of incomparable natural beauty.

Let the wind carry you doing windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing in Lesvos, Lemnos and Samos.

Walk in the Petrified Forest of Lesvos to feel the primordial aura of the trees that have stood there for millions of years.

Observe the birds in the wetlands of Lemnos.

Visit the cave of Pythagoras in Samos and definitely do not forget to go to the festivals of Ikaria and dance to the rhythms of the violin and the lute until the morning!