In the southeastern Aegean, the Dodecanese island group sail between East and West.

Twelve islands, some smaller and some larger, some well-known and cosmopolitan and some unexplored and intricately hidden. But everything is beautiful!

A crossroads of cultures, with incredible gastronomy and impressive beaches, the Dodecanese have options for whatever you are looking for on your vacation.

Calmness and relaxation by the sea or days and nights of endless fun.

Culture and imposing monuments, unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters and unforgettable landscapes will surprise you, whichever island you choose.

The cosmopolitan Rhodes, the island of the Knights, the nostalgic Symi and Halki, the acritic Kastelorizo, the magical Astypalea and the lunar Nisyros.

Kos, Kasos, Kalymnos and Karpathos and Patmos, the “sacred island” of Revelation with the mysterious aura.

Get ready to discover ancient citadels, medieval castles, butterfly oases, secret seabeds, volcanoes, caves, churches and small uninhabited islands with paradise shores.

The architecture differs from place to place with other islands following the Cycladic style, others preserving medieval elements and others full of colorful houses with tiled roofs.

Let the Dodecanese captivate you!

Definitely one of the Dodecanese will magnetize you and invite you to return!

Borders of East and West, the Dodecanese have formed a special character and stand proudly in the Aegean Sea.

The unexplored islands offer the visitor a unique experience where authenticity, hospitality and peace prevail and the bigger ones most satisfy even the most demanding with their facilities and their wonderful landscapes.

By boat or plane as the larger islands have an airport.

Between the islands there are frequent ferry services to indulge in endless island hopping.

If you are looking for a little action on your vacation by land or sea then in the Dodecanese you will find what you are looking for.

Let the wind lead you and windsurf in the clear blue waters. Discover the rich seabed with the sponges of the area.

Enjoy the beautiful nature following old paths and tour by bike in the traditional settlements of the islands.

If the past fascinates you then in the Dodecanese you will really travel in time walking next to ancient monuments, fortresses and castles and knowing the history of the islands through the amazing collections of museums.